Coach company utilise Smart Sponge® Technology to solve drainage problem

Nottinghamshire based coach and bus operator Marshalls are situated on a site with no main drains to manage stormwater or vehicle wash runoff.

To alleviate the problem an upgraded bunded diesel tank and filling zone was installed with the Naylor Smart Sponge® Smart Brake Technology in a specially designed sump to capture any Hydrocarbons that may wash off from the buses and as importantly as a failsafe precaution for the bunded diesel fuel tank.

Smart Sponge Installation 3
The Naylor Smart Sponge® Smart Brake

The Naylor Smart Sponge® Smart Brake Absorbs any Hydrocarbons washed into the sump from rainfall events and solidifies the liquid into a solid manageable waste. Should a volume of Hydrocarbons enter the system the unique Smart Sponge® Technology inside the Smart Brake unit absorbs the Hydrocarbon and seals the outlet pipe within minutes of the incident happening, stopping any contamination from leaving the site and allowing a safe clean up at source.

A section of the building used as the vehicle wash area required a channel drainage run to capture any silts and sediments washing off the fleet. This is filtered via the Naylor Enviroflow Technology prior to the liquor washing through into the 2 Naylor Smart Sponge® Smart Filter units.

Paul Marshall commented ” The benefits of the Naylor Smart Sponge® Technologies has made us achieve 95% Hydrocarbon Absorption as an average and allows a user friendly solution to what is normally an real problem.”

The two Naylor Smart Sponge® Smart Filters are installed for easy access and maintenance and stop any Hydrocarbons from leaving the site.



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