Abloy UK provides access management solution to support digital transformation in critical infrastructure

Abloy UK is highlighting the benefits of CIPE Manager, an access management solution for the demanding requirements of critical infrastructure protection, tailored to give a comprehensive situational overview and increase operational efficiency in access management.

CIPE Manager allows organisations to manage all their keys, locks and access rights from any location, with a user-friendly, cloud-based management system. CIPE Manager connects with every locking solution in Abloy’s digital portfolio for critical infrastructure protection.

Products within the portfolio include the keyless ABLOY® BEAT, the electromechanical PROTEC2 CLIQ®, as well as the high-security mechanical Abloy master key systems.

One application to manage keyless, electromechanical, and mechanical locking

CIPE Manager is designed for day-to-day operational use by security, operations and facilities management teams who control and manage access rights to their organisations’ critical infrastructure sites and facilities. Typical sectors include energy, water, telecoms, oil, gas and rail, ports and airports.

CIPE Manager includes a highly visual map-based user interface that provides a clear overview on the variety of locking points. With CIPE Manager the user can connect the organisation’s mechanical, electromechanical, and keyless locking solutions into the same system. This allows extensive situational awareness and efficient access and key management.

The user interface is browser-based, allowing the management of keys, locks, and access rights remotely from any location with most mobile devices or desktop computers.

The administrator using CIPE Manager can grant and revoke access permissions to people according to their roles, e.g. job task or organisation. In addition to easy access management, the solution offers extended reporting and tracking features with full audit trail data.

Steve Wintle, Head of Critical Infrastructure, Abloy UK, said: “CIPE Manager provides digital convenience, control and security that simplifies managing daily processes, adding operational efficiency and complete situational awareness.

“The system is part of our digital portfolio, and we now offer complete protection for our customers’ entire critical infrastructure requiring mechanical, electromechanical and keyless access solutions.

‘I’m excited to see the possibilities CIPE Manager has for extending our capability to become the preferred infrastructure access management provider for our customers.”

Delivered as an always up-to-date SaaS solution

CIPE Manager is licensed and delivered to customers as a SaaS (Software as a service) solution, continuously updated and supported by ASSA ABLOY and Abloy Critical Infrastructure teams.  Both solutions are now available in selected markets from regional sales units.

SourceAbloy UK


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