Marsh launch ‘SuDS SAFE’ Hydroil oil separator range

Marsh Industries, a leader in the field of off-mains drainage products, has announced the launch of their ‘SuDS SAFE’ Hydroil oil separator range with the inclusion of mitigation indices that provides assurance for specifiers and end-users.

As the world focuses on more green and environmentally friendly solutions Marsh Industries has been examining how effective their separators are when incorporating them into sustainable drainage schemes.

The company tested their Hydroil separator range for total suspended solids and metal mitigation indices in line with Industry Approved procedures at the Notified Test House in Aachen. This is in addition to an existing test procedure, whereby the Hydroil has already achieved EN858-1 certification for light liquid separators.

Combining these two test sets together and applying the simple index approach to proprietary/manufactured EN858 devices, the Hydroil separator range is able to achieve the following mitigation indices:

Hydrocarbons: 97.5%
Total Suspended Solids: 84.35%
Total Metal Reduction: 63.26%

The results will provide user confidence that the testing of this range is beyond reproach and cements these products as the complete surface water treatment solution for SuDS schemes.

Marsh Managing Director, Steve Boyer, who oversaw the testing procedures said “It is almost a given notion that our products have a positive effect on the environment, however over the past 12 months, we have received an increasing amount of requests from all sectors asking us for independently verified testing of our products that demonstrates their environmental impact. We have over 15 certificates across our full range of products that also features fire testing and rigorous material impact testing.”

“For our Hydroil oil separators, we worked with PIA, in Germany, as well as UK trade bodies; having submitted our test results to British Water several months ago, and we are extremely pleased to present some outstanding mitigation ratios for our range.”

“These mitigation ratios highlight how the Hydroil separator range provides a unique opportunity for specifiers and end users where a complete water treatment solution is required in a SuDS scheme.”

For further information, or if you want to discuss your next SuDS SAFE project, contact the team on or call 01933 654582.


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