WCS Group launches BG50i for remote water monitoring as an alternative to sampling and corrosion coupons

WCS Group has launched BG50i, an intelligent monitoring and water treatment package designed to help responsible parties; such as Facilities Managers and maintenance teams; meet the requirements of the latest version of BSRIA’s Water Treatment for Closed Heating and Cooling Systems – BG 50/2021.

Since BG 50 was last published in 2013, significant changes have taken place in the water treatment industry, most notably the introduction of remote monitoring technology, which provides an accurate, 24/7 picture of system condition, allowing corrosion to effectively be stopped before it even starts.

WCS Group company, Guardian Water Treatment, has been a champion of this approach, using its certified partner, Hevasure’s award-winning technology since 2017. Hevasure’s remote water monitoring technology is the centre-piece of the BG50i package, an efficient and instantaneous alternative to sampling and corrosion coupons, combined with WCS Group’s extensive experience providing water treatment services to a wide range of commercial spaces.

By utilising real-time data, BG50i gives FMs, maintenance teams and building owners a greater understanding of the corrosion process and how it can be mitigated, leading to site-specific water treatment programmes that tackle the root cause of corrosion.

Anomalies are identified and analysed before corrosion has occurred, meaning problems can be swiftly dealt, dramatically reducing the time and cost involved in rectifying issues.

Apart from preventing expensive repairs and breakdown, the BG50i approach can also lead to more fit for purpose maintenance regimes, resulting in leaner, more efficient practices, less off-plan call outs and unnecessary site visits.

James Greenwood from the WCS Group, said: “We’re thrilled to see that industry bodies, such as BSRIA, are recognising the benefits of remote monitoring for closed circuit HVAC systems. By having access to 24/7 data, not only is corrosion prevented, FMs have greater control and transparency, reducing wasted time and expense.

“Closed circuit water systems are hugely complex and the consequences of inadequate water system management can be disastrous. While remediation alone costs in the region of £200,000, in reality the price of downtime, replacement and litigation can potentially run into the millions.”

BG50i follows Guardian’s BG29i package, which responded to BSRIA’s updated guide to precommission cleaning (BG 29/2020). Like BG50, BG29 now includes extensive information on remote monitoring; a technology that has clear corrosion prevention benefits at every stage of a water systems life.

SourceWCS Group



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