SAVECO Environmental awarded major contract

SAVECO Environmental Ltd, member of the globally operating WAMGROUP, will supply key components, bridges, piping and telemetry to a leading international engineering and construction contractor as part of the Beckton sewage treatment works project which is set for completion in 2024.

A key aim of the upgrade is to improve the water and sewer networks across London and the Thames Valley to cope with its growing population and SAVECO is supporting the upgrade by delivering a reimagining of traditional bridge design requirements including:

  • 3 x 57m total length with 5m maintenance zone.
  • A Rotary Lobe pump on the bridge to replace the standard submersible pump.
  • A travelling suction pipe which will raise and lower by means of a level change device – keeping perfect suction.
  • Level Sensors to constantly monitor the level of grit.
  • Implementing a cable chain system.

“Beckton is one of the largest sewage treatment plants in Europe and being awarded a contract for one of its most ambitious projects is a testament to the quality of the products, technical innovations and expertise that SAVECO provides”, says Jon Goddard, Managing Director, SAVECO Environmental Ltd.

“Globally, we are clear favourites on price and specification, with a huge reference list all over the world in the USA, Europe and developing regions such as the Middle East.”, adds Goddard.

This news comes in the wake of recent initiatives and accomplishments, as SAVECO expands its reach into the UK wastewater market, including the delivery of two existing projects for travelling bridges as well as fulfilling six further projects for clarifier bridgework.



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