Energy Crisis: UK businesses can learn from each other

Landmark research reveals that 51% of UK employers have no idea how to reduce carbon emissions in the workplace. Mark Sait, CEO and founder of leading water, energy and carbon reduction specialists, SaveMoneyCutCarbon discusses the corporate strategies for achieving net-zero across the UK.

The net-zero imperative has become an organising principle for businesses, with companies who develop and incorporate astute net-zero plans being able to distinguish their companies from peers. However, a new study commissioned by sustainability experts, SaveMoneyCutCarbon (SMCC), demonstrates that 51% of UK employers have plans to lower the carbon footprint of their company, but don’t know where to start.

SMCC is dedicated to supporting businesses throughout the UK formulate core strategies to implement net-zero plans. With over half of FTSE 100 companies pledging to reach net-zero by 2050 at COP26 – and over 2000 small businesses joining the ‘Race to Zero’ – SMCC aims to provide corporate strategy and carbon mentorship to businesses needing to act now to meet the demands of the government, investors, science, and society at large.

Through the company’s instrumental work in the business sector, SMCC have partnered with various corporate leaders across the UK, designing tailored strategies to assist with cutting carbon emissions while simultaneously reducing costs. Helmed by CEO and founder of SMCC, Mark Sait, SMCC’s corporate projects have assisted with reducing energy consumption by over 3 million kWh.


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