Why a leading security firm is expanding into the flood protection market

Safetyflex Barriers – an industry leader in anti-terrorism bollards and barriers – has launched the new ‘Flood Stopper’ in response to customer demand and following a number of high-profile floods across the country.

The portable steel blocks can be placed on feeder streams to main rivers, slowing down the flow and creating a mini dam to stop flooding before water reaches towns and cities.

Nearly two million properties in floodplains along rivers, estuaries and coasts in the UK are potentially at risk of river or coastal flooding, with flooding – and flood management – costing the UK around £2.2 billion each year, according to Government figures.

With an installation time of just two hours, the flood barriers can be set up easily as part of a quick response to a flood warning. Its design includes lifting arms to ensure they can be carried into place, while a diversion hose can also be fitted to help re-route river flows.

The Flood Stopper is surface mounted and needs no ground fixing to hold them in place once installed and can be removed within hours when no longer required. A single block – measuring 900mm high, 2m long and 1.2m deep – can be used to stop flooding from small streams, while multiple blocks can be used for larger surface areas.

It has also been impact tested to withstand up to 1852KJ or 185 tonnes, creating a strong defence barrier from any debris or felled trees which may enter the water.

Rob Gerrard, Technical Director of Safetyflex, said: “The impact of a flood can lead to devastating consequences for communities, and sadly we’ve seen flood warnings become more and more frequent in recent years.

“Following conversations with a number of different companies regarding this problem, we are really excited to introduce the Flood Stopper to Safetyflex’s innovative range, marking the first for us in the flood protection market.

“While many of the traditional flood defences target defences within towns and cities themselves, our Flood Stopper can be installed quickly to hit the source before it has the chance to build up momentum, saving homes, businesses and communities from flooding.”


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