VWT UK supplies RO unit for Southmead Hospital

Veolia Water Technologies’ DWA Modula S-XL Reverse Osmosis Unit has recently been installed in the Bright Renal Dialysis Unit located at the Southmead Hospital in Bristol. This system was specified due to its proven reliability and compact design.

The reverse osmosis (RO) system in the Bright renal unit suddenly suffered catastrophic failure. A replacement unit was proving very difficult to source and the renal team had no option but to arrange for their patients to be moved to other dialysis units to be treated. With up to 45 patients per day relying on a dialysis station for life-saving treatment, significant pressure was placed on clinical staff as well as the patients themselves.

After being contacted by the Renal team, VWT were able to mobilise immediately, installing and commissioning a temporary MDD registered RO unit to enable dialysis treatment to resume again with the renal unit.

“We reviewed a number of options and suppliers,” said Brett Thompson, Lead Renal Technologist for the Renal Division of the North Bristol Trust. “However, we were aware of VWT UK products and their reliability as many of our dialysis satellite units have been using Veolia water systems for a number of years.”

VWT UK’s reputation provided the team at the North Bristol Trust with further assurance. With over 80 years of healthcare experience, VWT UK regularly provides temporary RO systems for emergency situations, as well as planned back-up requirements for other renal dialysis units.

As a permanent solution, the VWT healthcare team presented various options to the Trust and subsequently, the DWA Modula S-XL Reverse Osmosis Unit was determined to be the best solution. A compact and modular hygienic design, the Modula S-XL design includes two independent submersible pumps and membrane arrays to ensure a secure permeate supply with redundancy.

The operational parameters of the water treatment system are continuously monitored providing the operator with remote access, via VWT’s Hubgrade™ digital platform, to accurate and detailed performance information, as well allowing the performance of the system to be benchmarked against the other renal water treatment systems in the Trust.

“The VWT UK service team were excellent,” said Brett. “They addressed the issue of limited site accessibility and answered a number of difficult questions. They provided a fantastic option that conformed to Medical Device Directives. Furthermore, the system was able to measure redundancy and monitor the water system effectively.”

The system was successfully installed and the pressure on clinical staff to reorganise patients and shift patterns was alleviated. Brett concluded: “We are in talks with VWT UK to install a permanent new renal water treatment plant, as well as to implement Hubgrade remote monitoring across two of the satellite dialysis units. This will provide greater control and insight into the systems for our teams off site.

“I would definitely recommend VWT UK to those within the healthcare sector. Due to the service team’s specialist knowledge, they are able to suggest and implement reliable solutions to suit individual requirements. We are very happy with the work they have done to get our dialysis department up and running efficiently and effectively once again.”


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