Vesconite obtains WRAS approval for Hitemp 150 bearing material

Bushings and bearings specialist, Vesconite, recently obtained Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) approval for its Hitemp 150 bearing material, which has been approved for contact with up to 23ºC water. Vesconite’s Hitemp 150 material is temperature resistant to 150ºC and is favoured in abrasive industries due to its wear-resistant characteristics.

The company had already obtained material approval from WRAS for its Vesconite and Vesconite Hilube bearing materials, approving the materials as suitable for contact with water up to 65ºC.

In addition, the company’s new temperature-resistant bearing material, Hitemp 160, has been certified for hot water up to 65ºC. It is suited for applications up to 200ºC depending on the chemicals present.

Vesconite UK champion Rosa Brandt notes: “Our Eastleigh warehouse dispatches hollow bar and rod stock shapes for machining bearings daily. These items are particularly sought after by the UK agriculture, pumps and food and beverage sectors.”

Brandt adds: “Our commitment to supplying the UK is enhanced by our pursuit of potable water approvals from UK water authorities, including WRAS.”

To find out more about Vesconite bearing materials in the UK, contact Rosa Brandt on +44 2476 98 0338 or at



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