Idrica boosts its growth with a stake in Cleverpy, a consultancy firm specializing in digital solution development

Idrica, a company specialising in the digital transformation of the water sector, has become an investor in Cleverpy, a start-up specialising in technologies such as machine learning, artificial vision and georeferenced information systems. Idrica say this move will strengthen their position as an expert in digital transformation for the water industry.

The operation aims to strengthen Idrica’s portfolio of solutions aimed at the digital transformation of the entire water cycle. This is in line with the digital transformation plans initiated by various countries, as well as the growth objectives of the company itself, which seeks to become a global benchmark under the slogan “Smart Water for a Better World.”

The solutions developed by Cleverpy are already part of the GoAigua platform and enhance Idrica’s portfolio in the fields of water supply, sanitation, drinking water, urban irrigation, agriculture, water resources and reuse, on a global scale.

According to Jaime Barba, CEO of Idrica, this investment came about naturally.

“Cleverpy is a company with huge potential, and we were already working with them on multiple projects involving digital transformation of sanitation networks, water quality modelling and asset management in countries such as Qatar and the United States.”

Meanwhile, Pedro Conesa, CEO of Cleverpy, and co-founder of the company together with Jordi Boix and Jesús Vieco, said that this deal “seeks to consolidate Cleverpy’s growth and increase its capabilities, while providing Idrica with new water management solutions.” Conesa also stated that the startup will maintain its independent status “to develop solutions aimed at smart cities and industries 4.0.”

Global Omnium began its digital transformation process over a decade ago with the extraction and analysis of data from sensors installed in the field, at a time when this was very uncommon. This led to in-house development of solutions based on technologies such as Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, aimed at driving management efficiency. GoAigua reflects this development to provide customers with centralized process management.




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