£1 million investment at Clay Lake Water Treatment Works complete

NI Water has announced the completion of a £1 Million investment at Clay Lake Water Treatment Works (WTW). The improvement work involved the construction of new filters and pumps housed in a state-of-the-art building, which will enhance the efficiency of the existing plant, as well as providing improved security of the water supply in the area. Work started on site in February and was completed ahead of schedule in June.

Infrastructure Minister John O’Dowd said:

“The completion of the £1 million upgrade work ahead of schedule will be welcome news for over 4000 properties in the village of Keady and surrounding villages, who are supplied by the plant. It will improve the efficiency of the water treatment process which will enhance the security of the water supply, particularly during emergency situations and also bring essential cost savings to NI Water.”

Martin Gillen, NI Water Head of Water Capital Delivery added:

“Water is a vital part of our infrastructure and impacts on our daily lives. We are delighted to have completed this major investment at the plant, which will greatly improve the efficiency of the water treatment process and deliver benefits to our customers, such as improved security of the water supply. Customers in the area will undoubtedly benefit from the improvements for years to come.

 “This major investment is particularly important to support the service we deliver to customers during emergency situations such as drought or freeze thaw winter periods.

“Finally, I would like to thank the NI Water project team for completing the work ahead of schedule including the main contractor Murphy/Dawson WAM JV and Arup providing technical and project management support.”

(L-R) Bob Rowntree, Trevor Cousins, Aaron Vogan, Martin Gillen (all NI Water) Amy Black Arup, Dymphna Gallagher, Joe Murnion and Roisin McDade from NI Water.
SourceNI Water


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