Waterwise release its strategic direction to 2030

Influential campaigning organisation Waterwise has released its Strategic Direction to 2030, setting out how urgent water efficiency is, how progress has stalled, and how Waterwise can help the UK get back on track.

Waterwise highlights the challenge we face in the UK with the need to reduce water demand to secure water supplies for society and the economy – and for a healthy environment; and how urgent this is, right across the UK. Waterwise uses its independent voice and influence on behalf of people and the planet, working with businesses and the public to drive action.

Tania Flasck, Chair of Waterwise, said: “Waterwise’s strong voice and expertise has driven collective action and ambition on water efficiency and the UK for almost two decades, and we want to go even further. We know our independence is valued, and we will flex this even more – being a bold voice to government, regulators and industry to drive the even greater ambition we need. We will continue to run national water efficiency campaigns to raise awareness and change behaviour and to bring people together, leading networks, supporting collaborative research and sharing good practice.

We’ll also be harnessing the power of partnerships, listening to a wider range of voices, and reducing our own environmental footprint. We’re also working on how we can drive diversity, equity and inclusion both in Waterwise and in the sector and have updated our vision to reflect this. If you’re a UK organisation, private or public sector, thinking about how you can help keep the taps running and would like to work in partnership with the independent experts – get in touch!”

Nicci Russell, Waterwise Managing Director, said: “It’s been clearer than ever this summer how water scarcity is a real issue right here, right now in the UK – and how important it is for us all to use water wisely. Climate change means less water, there are more of us than ever before, and we’re all on average using way more water each than a few decades ago – we can’t carry on like this. At Waterwise, we’re stepping up ourselves, using our independent voice to drive even more ambition – and urging UK governments, regulators and water companies to factor water efficiency into everything we do.

This refreshed Strategic Direction for Waterwise emphasises what we’re good at and will help us drive even more ambition and change. It frames our role in the UK Water Efficiency Strategy to 2030 which we will be launching on 14th September and delivering with the UK water sector. We all have our part to play at home and at work. Join us on this mission!”




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