Buckhurst Specialist Projects merges with Schur

The board of Buckhurst Specialist Projects has announced the company will merge with Schur Limited to create Schur BPH Limited.

Buckhurst Specialist Projects has been providing services to the utility industry since 2012.  Delivering spin-cast and hand sprayed rehabilitation techniques primarily to the water sector, along with innovative systems for both the gas and electric infrastructure and maintenance networks.

John Walsh, Chairman of Buckhurst commented:

“It was a natural progression from a fantastic long-term working partnership, for us to merge with Schur Limited.  We’ve worked alongside Geoff (Quinton) and his team for many years over various projects to support our respective businesses, this merger brings both companies together to create the largest hire fleet of spray lining and associated equipment in the world.”

Schur Limited is a world leading manufacturer of spin cast spray technology with equipment working on every continent. Established in 1992, it specialises in the design, manufacture and implementation of equipment for the cleaning and rehabilitation of underground assets.

Geoff Quinton, Managing Director of Schur commented:

“We work in an industry where innovation is key to ensure we make positive changes that make the world a better place.  Our techniques help to reduce water leakage and improve water quality; we are proud to see the impact our business has made to the UK and worldwide markets.  The merger with Buckhurst Specialist Projects will cement our future and allow us to further innovate and create products and systems that will make a difference to people all over the world.”



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