Deploy Tech mobilised to help tackle wildfires

Offering a further endorsement of Deploy Tech’s potential to offer a rapid, practical and economic means of storing water, the company has been chosen to take part in a government grant-funded initiative to enable rural communities, and others, to mitigate the growing risk posed by wildfires.

Already drawing a lot of attention from the agricultural industry and ground maintenance professionals, Deploy Tech Ltd has now been chosen by Innovate UK to take part in a 15-month trial which will see the company installing its revolutionary, inflatable water tanks in locations at threat from the growing number of blazes linked to rising temperatures, carelessness and even arson. The availability of up to 40,000 litres of water in remote locations could make the difference for fire crews and forestry workers tackling outbreaks which threaten people and property as well as wildlife and ancient woodlands.

Co-founder and CEO of Deploy Tech Ltd, Paul Mendieta, commented:

“We have received the Innovate UK Smart Grant after submitting a very detailed application to Innovate UK, setting out the multiple benefits of our tanks, and the ways they can help address this very serious situation. To date, the rural sector has not fully recognised the importance of developing strategies to protect against wildfires when considering the combined impact of climate change and the scarcity of water.  This summer, we have seen record temperatures affecting wildlife and their habitat.  We cannot wait to do something until massive catastrophes have already happened.

“This grant scheme shows that the Government is keen to invest in fire mitigation technology and we will be engaging with specific forestry and fire departments, while we have also begun developing a protocol for education to create community awareness.  The priority is protecting people, livestock animals and the different eco-systems.”

Within its application to Innovate UK, Deploy set out a five-year, post-project plan for the company’s own R&D based expansion, as well as the roll-out of its rapidly installed water tanks to vulnerable communities, illustrating a holistic approach to project risk management.

Citing the IPCC’s 2019 projection that wildfires will increase by 40% over the current decade, the document explains how some 70% of the target end users can be reached via specialist wildfire equipment retailers such as confirmed customer, Terberg, with water tank suppliers giving access to the remaining 30%.

Paul Mendieta confirmed:

“Deploy Tech will utilise strategic relationships with Lancashire, Greater Manchester, West Yorkshire and Sussex Fire & Rescue services to create product awareness: industry experts’ validation is vital for market entry.  In years one and two, Deploy Tech will leverage the relationship between firefighters and community members to reach its target market and thereby significantly strengthen resilience to fire risk across the UK.”

Deploy tanks

There are three tank sizes in the range – all designated ‘R’ for Rural – and two metres in height.  The entry level 14R is three metres in diameter and has a capacity of 14,000 litres. The 25R is four metres across and has a capacity of 25,000 litres while the largest, 40R is five metres in diameter and will hold 40,000 litres.

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