SUEZ and Anglian Water announce performance pilot with AQUADVANCED® Energy in Ely, Cambridgeshire

SUEZ and Anglian Water have announced the start of a performance pilot project to be conducted in three phases in Ely in the United Kingdom’s Cambridge region.

The focal point of this initiative is AQUADVANCED® Energy, a ground-breaking digital water platform developed by SUEZ, which will play a crucial role in enhancing the operational efficiency of the water network and achieving substantial energy savings.

With energy prices soaring since 2021, water companies are looking at better alternatives to reduce costs while improving the customer experience through the provision of more predictable and stable supply and, at the same time, significantly seeing a decrease in greenhouse gases emissions.

The Energy module is a component of AQUADVANCED®, one of the world’s leading software suites for water management. It leverages real-time data and advanced analytics while employing cutting-edge data science techniques such as AI and machine learning. By doing so, it can predict situations, solve complex multi-criteria constraints, evaluate various scenarios and propose the optimal one to operators.

AQUADVANCED® Energy optimises the operation of the water production and distribution system reducing energy costs by up to 15%, while minimizing the carbon impact of water systems. This platform helps water providers manage their water resources effectively, so they can meet the demands of their customers without depleting or damaging the environment in the long run. For this purpose, the platform collects real time data, forecasts demand up to 48 hours, and determines the best production strategies considering all operational constraints and avoiding peak electric charges.

Additionally, it makes sure that water is always moving through the system, which prevents stagnation and improves water quality. It also uses simulations to anticipate and respond to unexpected events, such as unplanned outages, which enhances the reliability of the production system.

Matthew Hughes, Optimisation Solutions Development Manager at Anglian Water, said:

“Having been at the frontier of driving network optimisation and energy efficiency throughout our systems, working with SUEZ on this pilot creates a real and exciting opportunity to understand how to take this even further. At Anglian Water we plan to be carbon neutral by 2030 and for 45% of the energy we use to be from our own sources by 2025. AQUADVANCED® offers a solution to reduce the operational carbon in our networks and best to make use of the energy we produce through renewables.”

“Over the past decade, numerous AQUADVANCED® Energy’s customers worldwide have already benefited from this tried-and-tested solution and were able to  reach remarkable improvements in water management, energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emission savings. The unique capabilities of this solution are a significant advancement for Anglian Water’s vision for a reliable and real-time optimisation system,” stated Patricia Villoslada, Senior Vice President for SUEZ Digital Solutions.




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