Business integration creates unique leakage offering

electrofusion box with CP app
electrofusion box with CP app

The successful integration of technology companies Ovarro and ControlPoint is delivering a unique one-stop-shop for leakage reduction, detection and prevention.

Leak detection specialist Ovarro acquired digital quality assurance supplier ControlPoint in March 2021. ControlPoint provides technical services to ensure correct installation of a range of pipe jointing methods, including electrofusion and flanged connections.

Integration of the businesses was fast-tracked to create an enhanced support function for the global water sector. Two years on, the companies’ combined capabilities have created an in-the-round offering for utilities.

This includes innovative leak detection tools and software, along with unique tools for remotely monitoring new pipe installations to demonstrate compliance with standards, forensic laboratory services for failed pipes or welds, and condition assessment of the remaining network with an estimated life expectancy. Training and quality assurance is also offered.

Ben Crabtree, product line director for Ovarro
Ben Crabtree, product line director for Ovarro

Ben Crabtree, product line director at Ovarro, said:

“It has been two years since the integration of ControlPoint into the Ovarro group, which has provided time for both businesses to understand each other’s products and strengths and how they serve the water industry, both nationally and internationally.

“As a result, we can now take our clients on an enhanced journey from leak detection to wide scale reduction across the entire network, with a renewed focus on prevention of future leakage. We do this by providing utilities with advanced tools, developed by Ovarro, to accurately pinpoint leaks to be repaired.

“With ControlPoint’s products and laboratory services now part of our portfolio, the process can continue, with a forensic review of any failures and a quality control check on repairs or new pipe installations to ensure pipelines are leak free from the point of installation. This insight uniquely places Ovarro firmly on the leak reduction path by offering products for both prevention and detection.

“Having this valuable information means utilities can make informed decisions about their network , moving from a reactive to proactive asset management model. We believe that offering all parts of this process is a unique service from a single organisation.

“There are approximately 343,000km of water pipe in the UK alone and, at current replacement rates, it is modelled that it will take 300 years to fully replace the ageing network. Having insightful data about pipe installation standards will mean water companies can ensure that new installations are leak free for the minimum design life of the network, but should an issue occur, Ovarro offers the best combined methods for locating the leaks more accurately.”




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