Bobcat Machine IQ System now available as a subscription

Bobcat, a global compact equipment, innovation and worksite solutions brand, has announced the launch of the company’s new Machine IQ telematics subscription service in Europe and Israel.

Designed to connect customers to vital machine information at anytime and anywhere, the new subscription service is available in two packages for both customers and dealers with standard or premium options.

Machine IQ allows customers to check the health of their machines and remotely track information that enhances maintenance, security and performance. This simple and powerful tool empowers customers to get the most out of their Bobcat equipment, helping them to achieve more while protecting their investment at the same time.

As Essential as Work Boots

With Machine IQ, customers have 24/7 access to crucial machine information on their smartphones or computers. Equipped with this information, customers can optimize machine use and plan jobs for maximum profitability by keeping idle times to a minimum and tracking fuel consumption. Service planning is made easy with maintenance notifications, saving operators time and money by allowing them to efficiently schedule machine maintenance and manage job sites during planned downtime.

Connecting customers to their machine data not only drives efficiency – it delivers peace of mind as well. Machine IQ enhances security by allowing users to create geo-fences and machine curfews, providing the assurance that their investment is protected with customizable notifications that alert users when there is unauthorized machine movement.

Dealers Across the Globe Say Machine IQ is a ‘Game-Changer’

Machine IQ has been widely adopted by hundreds of Bobcat dealers worldwide and is redefining the standards for operational efficiency and customer service. Harnessing the power of Machine IQ data, dealers can anticipate and prepare for service needs before customers need to pick up the phone. This proactive response improves business productivity while creating more touchpoints for dealers to strengthen customer relationships.

Choosing the Right Package

Dealers and customers can choose from two options: a Standard package with basic telematics and a Premium package with additional advanced features. According to Tomas Plechaty, Machine IQ Senior Program Manager at Bobcat EMEA, the subscription options let users tailor their experiences and access the level of connectivity and insights that best suit their needs. “With a focus on simplicity for the user, we are confident that the packages will meet the needs of customers and dealers across the globe, and help them grow their businesses,” he said.

Standard Package – Essential Telematics Data

The Machine IQ Standard package is a subscription service that allows customers to effectively manage their fleet. The service is free for the first two years from the original equipment delivery date. Machine IQ Standard features include:

  • Basic telematics – Tracks key information points, including GPS location and history, operating hours and last recorded fuel levels.
  • Custom asset names – Allows customers to create personalized names to quickly identify machines in a fleet.
  • Maintenance interval tracking – Tracks regular planned maintenance and allows customers to view high-level instructions in the portal for each machine.

Premium Package – Advanced Features and Insights

The Machine IQ Premium package gives customers the ability to upgrade their machine subscription with more robust reporting data to enhance equipment monitoring. It includes all Machine IQ Standard features plus the following:

  • Maintenance reminder email alerts – Notifies customers via email when they are approaching regular maintenance. The alert provides high-level information on how to perform regular maintenance as well as on relevant parts. Customers can access the regular maintenance tracker to see what planned maintenance is coming up.
  • Fault code notifications and troubleshooting – Distributes alerts, a clear description and troubleshooting steps if the machine reports a fault code. Customers can also subscribe to email notifications for alerts and troubleshooting.
  • Geo-fence creation and breach notification – Provides customers with the ability to set up custom boundaries and receive email notifications the moment the machine leaves the specified operation footprint.
  • Curfew creation and breach notifications – Alerts customers via email if their equipment is being operated outside of designated days or hours.
  • Motion detection notification – Notifies customer of machine movement when the key is off.
  • Machine utilization reporting – Tracks machine efficiency and utilization to help customers make more informed decisions. The feature compares idle time, working time and fuel usage as well as generating custom reports.
  • In-portal notification management – Gives customers the ability to monitor notifications within the portal. A clear notification counter on the home page provides a singular place to manage all important machine notifications.

Customers can experience the benefits of Machine IQ Premium with a free 90-day trial with every new Bobcat equipment purchase of Machine IQ-eligible equipment.

Connecting to Machine IQ

Machine IQ comes factory-installed with many equipment models and can easily be installed on compatible Bobcat machines in the field. Customers should contact their local dealer to check compatibility.

Bobcat customers can access Machine IQ by visiting, creating an account and logging in. Alternatively, the mobile app for Machine IQ can be downloaded from Google Play/Apple Store.




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