LeakNavigator saves millions of litres of water

The UK’s largest water and wastewater company, Thames Water, has selected Ovarro’s end-to-end service LeakNavigator to deliver a three-year leakage reduction contract, writes Tony Gwynne, global leakage solutions director at Ovarro.

Thames Water is working to achieve a 20.5% reduction in leakage across London and the Thames Valley, region to meet regulatory targets. Beginning in January 2023, a project has been underway to install 3,450 Ovarro sensors – models Enigma 3-BB, Enigma 3hyQ and Enigma 3m – across 110 district metered areas (DMAs) within the water network.

The sensors provide a daily call-in with leak data, and just 20 weeks into the project, 788 leaks had been raised and categorised. A total of 5.78 megalitres of water per day has been saved in the areas served by LeakNavigator.

End-to-end service

LeakNavigator comprises advanced acoustic dataloggers, cutting-edge cloud-based software, and Ovarro’s inhouse leakage expertise. With all elements combined, the service can accurately identify points of interest (POIs) on behalf of water companies, alerting field technicians directly, so they can head straight to site with high confidence that a leak will be found, thereby reducing the need for inhouse data analysis.

The LeakNavigator package uses acoustic loggers from the cutting-edge Enigma range, which are installed following an assessment of the targeted DMA, undertaken by Ovarro’s leakage analysts. This process establishes the most suitable equipment to install, the unit numbers required, and the best locations for optimum efficiency. The service can also apply to existing Enigma logger fleets already installed.

Once the loggers are in operation, Ovarro’s teams undertake ongoing data analysis, sending POIs directly to water company field technicians via a mobile app. The captured data, which also supports maintenance targeting, is processed, and presented to customers in a dashboard. The package also includes a complete maintenance service, keeping the fleet of loggers up and running at all times.

The project has seen 3,450 Ovarro sensors – the models Enigma 3-BB, Enigma 3hyQ and Enigma 3m – installed across 110 DMAs

Leaks found within four days

Within four working days of Thames Water’s initial DMAs coming online, the first leaks were passed to the field teams. This process continues, with Ovarro working closely with Thames Water’s leakage detection partners Hydrosave and PN Daly, ensuring each leak is detected first time and that all outputs are recorded in a weekly report profile for the leakage team at Thames Water to review. Volume reduction remains key to Ovarro’s performance and is monitored in partnership with Thames Water.

Ovarro has a unique code provided for Thames Water’s leaks, which can be tracked online. All leaks are active until they are repaired, maintaining control of the outputs from each technician and the methodology used for the detection activity.

Ovarro takes complete ownership of the data analysis and leak detection process, working in collaboration with water companies and their partners, with results-driven accountability. The service allows leakage teams to be more efficient, by finding leaks on mixed pipe materials. Ovarro’s focus is to achieve clients’ leakage targets and ultimately secure future water supplies.

Ovarro is continuing to work with Thames Water to reduce leakage in parts of north and south London and the Thames Valley and expect to see even more success in the weeks and months ahead.

Positive outcomes

Shane Gloster, senior strategy & transformation manager at Thames Water said:

“Water is a precious resource, which is why we’re focused on driving leakage down and committed to meeting ambitious leakage targets. A key pillar of our recently launched Leakage Transformation Programme sets out to improve our ability to find and fix the right leaks, faster.

“We’re utilising data and implementing new tools to make informed decisions, prioritise leaks and reduce repair times. Ovarro’s LeakNavigator is supporting this goal and we’re impressed with the positive outcomes it is delivering.”




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