Atplas introduces the all new Matrix Multi boundary box

atplas matrix multi
6 in 6 out 3 riser with cut away

As Atplas celebrates their 50th anniversary, the innovation story of the company continues with the introduction of its latest product: the Matrix Multi boundary box.

With its guard tube and base made from recycled plastics, the company says this boundary box is a testament to Atplas’ ongoing dedication to sustainability and advancement in the industry.

Designed to accommodate either four or six meters, Atplas believes this innovative product can redefine convenience for contractors and water supply companies alike.

Simplifying Installation

The Matrix Multi boundary box offers excellent adaptability, streamlining the installation process for contractors. With variants featuring four ports, six ports, 4 in 4 out or 6 in 6 out, each port is adjustable, allowing for easy rotation to accommodate varying ground conditions. This flexibility not only simplifies installation but also minimises the challenges posed by “Meter box clustering” in urban areas. By consolidating multiple single-meter boxes into a single unit, the Matrix Multi reduces clutter and pavement disruptions, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics.

atplas matrix multi
6 in 6 out full box

Lightweight Design: Effortless Handling

Atplas’ commitment to innovation is evident in the Matrix Multi’s lightweight design. Utilising state-of-the-art injection moulding technology, Atplas has succeeded in significantly reducing the weight of the boundary box. Weighing in at around 23kg, the Matrix Multi is 46% lighter than its predecessors, making it safe and easy for a single operative to handle on-site. This not only improves efficiency during installation but also minimises the physical strain on workers, enhancing overall safety and productivity.

Sustainability at its Core: Environmentally Conscious Production

With a focus on sustainability, Atplas has revolutionised its manufacturing process for the Matrix Multi boundary box. By incorporating recycled polypropylene into its construction, Atplas has significantly reduced its reliance on virgin polymer, aligning with the environmental goals of water companies. Furthermore, the box is designed with end-of-life recyclability in mind, with 97% of its materials being recyclable. The company says this commitment to eco-conscious manufacturing underscores Atplas’ role as a leader in sustainable water connection solutions.

A Proud British Manufacturing Success Story

The development and production of the Matrix Multi boundary box is a testament to British manufacturing excellence. Manufactured in South Wales, this product not only meets the stringent requirements of UK water companies but also holds immense potential for international expansion.

As Atplas celebrates its 50th anniversary, the company is confident the launch of the Matrix Multi reaffirms its position as a leader in the industry, driving innovation and progress for the next generation of water supply solutions.




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