Nijhuis Saur Industries acquires the Byosis Group

Nijhuis Saur Industries has expanded its position in resource recovery with the acquisition of specialist ammonia recovery systems company Byosis. Nijhuis say the expanded portfolio will help more industries to accelerate circular agriculture and food production while reducing ammonia emissions at the same time.

This news comes just ten days after Nijhuis announced the acquisition of PWNT, the commercial subsidiary of the North Holland drinking water company.

Jan van den Broek, CEO of Byosis said: ”Since we founded the company, Byosis has developed a thorough know-how of technology, engineering, maintenance and operations. Our expertise is wastewater, digestate and off-gas treatment for which we have developed proprietary technologies and solutions such as ammonia recovery systems to recover nitrogen as fertilizer or base chemical, pasteurization units to validate manure, digestate and other substrates and off-gas scrubbers.

“The cooperation with Nijhuis Saur Industries will help us to deliver client-specific solutions around the globe and expand our services and capabilities varying from feasibility studies, pilot and substrate testing, engineering, delivery, and online monitoring of turnkey installations. Together with NSI’s unique Customer for Life approach and our joint R&D activities, we anticipate meeting the growing demand to deliver plug-and-play solutions in different capacities and expand our leading global position in resource recovery.”

Menno M. Holterman, CEO and President of Nijhuis Saur Industries responded: ”For over a decade, Nijhuis Saur Industries has been developing innovative solutions to help our clients in recovering valuable resources. Nitrogen is a crucial resource as a base chemical and as a fertilizer for food and feed production.

“With the acquisition of Byosis, Nijhuis Saur Industries once again expands their business portfolio, to accelerate circular agriculture and food production whilst reducing ammonia emissions from concentrated livestock operations.

“Current ammonia nitrogen is often removed biologically from wastewater and digestate and not recovered as a product. Recovered ammonia can be used to replace artificial fertilizer to achieve more sustainable food production. Next to switching from biological conversion to recovering nitrogen our customers will benefit from a stable treatment process and avoid ammonia and laughing gas (N2O, nitrous oxide) emitting from wastewater, manure and digestate.

“Together with our extensive experience in the design, supply, financing, mobile water solutions, and operation of resource recovery installations, we expect Byosis to expand the coming years into a leading global provider. The company will focus on cost-effective, advanced, and sustainable resource recovery solutions for industrial, agricultural, and municipal clients, contributing to the circular economy and address the fast-growing demand for ‘blue green infrastructure.”



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