Conference in Houston to examine innovative technology for more reuse and value extraction

With the implementation of decisive regulations limiting subsurface saltwater disposal in certain counties, combined with emerging concerns about seismic activity, oil and gas operators in the Permian basin are now looking for alternatives to disposal. The massive volumes of water being produced today means that additional alternatives to disposal need to be identified and tapped into.

Indeed, identifying alternative options to get as much produced water recycled and treated for reuse at the lowest possible cost was recently identified to the American Business Conferences team as the single most important challenge for operators in the Permian Basin that, unfixed, could potentially hold back growth and therefore urgently needs to be addressed by the wider industry.

As a concept, the beneficial reuse of produced water is not new. However, until now, the technology was either too expensive to treat for many applications or the industry drivers were not sufficiently strong to sufficiently drive innovation to make it commercially viable (and scalable). That’s all changing in 2022, as multiple factors justifying more beneficial reuse of produced water converge.

The current geopolitical situation of rare earth mineral shortages for high tech/carbon neutral industries further rationalizes beneficial reuse, as operators could potentially be sitting on top of significant revenue-generating value streams contained in their waste brines. For example, lithium, essential for BEV battery technology, is abundant in some produced waters.  Gadolinium and selenium also have real value for the high-tech sectors and chlorine, bromine and iodine are also monetizable for municipal/industrial purposes.

Combined, these drivers contribute to making the Onshore Oil & Gas Water Management Permian Basin Congress 2022 one of the most important water management conferences since American Business Conferences first launched the pioneering series back in 2011.

This year, as always, this conference has been thoroughly researched with the market. We do not accept calls for papers, nor do we allow vendors to speak unless they deliver case study based information on the researched topics that the market has asked for. We believe that busy senior-level business executives and technical practitioners value a conference agenda with clear themes and a coherent hierarchy of deliberately prioritized market-driven learning topics. As always, this means the topics have been selected based on intensive industry research reflecting what our delegates want to learn, as well as helping them to identify practical takeaways and solutions.

Along with our Silver Sponsor, Hydrozonix, American Business Conferences looks forward to hosting the Permian Basin water management community for the 11th annual event.  Benefit from 2 days of high quality presentations and information from operators such as EQT, Chesapeake Energy and Chevron.

Speakers at this event include:

  • Matt Ciprich, Director – Water Services, EQT
  • Caleb Boyd, Staff Facilities Engineer, Chesapeake Energy
  • Bhavana Karnik, Environmental Engineer, Chevron
  • Brandon Davis, CEO, Swan Energy
  • Mark Peavy, Vice President Operations, Resilience Natural Resources
  • Danny Reible, Donovan Maddox Chair – Texas Tech University, Texas Produced Water Consortium
  • Mike Hightower, Director, New Mexico Produced Water Research Consortium
  • Becca Moore, Industrial Wastewater Permit Coordinator, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
  • Mark Engle, Research Geologist, The University of Texas at El Paso
  • Adrienne Sandoval, Oil Conservation Division Director, New Mexico Energy – Natural Resources Department
  • Bridget Scanlon, Senior Research Scientist – Bureau of Economic Geology, Jackson School of Geosciences
  • Mark Patton, President, Hydrozonix
  • Ted Wooten, Chief Engineer, Railroad Commission of Texas
  • David Feather, Air Quality Permitting Section Chief, New Mexico Environment Department
  • Jaspinder Singh, Permit Specialist – Water Quality Division, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
  • Laura Capper, President & CEO, Cap Resources

Day 1 will focus on transforming produced water to turn it into a resource,
Day 2 will focus on optimizing existing disposal strategies and driving water management efficiencies.

The conference is due to take place in Houston, Texas, USA on 27 & 28 September 2022.

The full agenda and registration information can be found at



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