Hevasure develops corrosion monitoring system for Elysator

Closed-loop water monitoring specialists, Hevasure, alongside OEM partner, Elysator, has developed ClearView; which the company say is the first real-time monitoring technology designed to work in chemical free closed water systems.

Hevasure believe their industry-leading real-time condition and water monitoring technologies are the only solutions of their type, immediately detecting and recording deviations in water characteristics that can cause catastrophic corrosion damage.

For Elysator, Hevasure has created the perfect solution that helps underpin the company’s philosophy – delivering stringent water quality in line with the VDI 2035 standard.

By using high purity water of low conductivity, controlling pH and reducing dissolved oxygen, Elysator is able to ensure that closed heating and chilled water system operate in a healthy condition, without the use of chemicals.

ClearView continuously and remotely tracks these critical parameters, providing confirmation to engineers and managers that everything is under control. Low oxygen conditions without nutrients ensures that bacteria cannot survive, and corrosion is no longer an issue.

This is the first time Hevasure has worked with another company, developing its cutting-edge technology to meet the specific needs of an industrial application.

Steve Munn, MD for Hevasure, said: “Elysator’s approach to preventing corrosion and our monitoring technology marry perfectly – they remove the precursors of corrosion that we constantly monitor.

“Prior to this collaboration, our main customer-base has always been large commercial buildings, monitoring closed-circuit HVAC systems that commonly include dosing chemicals and inhibitors.

“The chemical free approach is something that is attracting lots of interest and Elysator is leading the way in the UK and Europe with its promotion and delivery. Our own in-house development team alongside Elysator’s experts have developed ClearView for this specific application – it’s exciting to see other ways in which our technology can be utilised.”

David Whitfield, Elysator UK MD, said: “One of the major benefits of chemical-free water treatment is its inherent transparency. Targets, like those set within VDI 2035, are explicit and easily understood by all stakeholders: property owners, building managers, maintenance teams and water treatment professionals. You do not need to be a chemist to understand the condition of your system.

“This desire for clarity is at the root of our preference for real-time monitoring ahead of sampling. Elysator’s confidence in the strength of its product was such that, rather than control the process in-house, we wanted to put it to continual test by independent eyes. As the undoubted market leader in closed-loop monitoring, Hevasure were the obvious choice.

“We’re delighted that the ClearView system fits perfectly with this approach. Hevasure is like- minded in their principles and beliefs about the causes of corrosion, so they are the perfect partner for us.

“It has been a pleasure to work together to apply their tried and tested technology to deliver a reliable, real-time management tool for those choosing to employ chemical-free water treatment”.

Elysator joins Hevasure’s other partners, including Guardian Water Treatment, the WCS Group and Rock Compliance.

Partners are an essential component of Hevasure’s business model, working with leading water treatment experts to deliver its world-leading technology and services to end-users allows Hevasure to focus on product development and support.




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