Experts in resolving key problems that water and other utility companies need to address:

  • Revenue Assurance
  • Customer Service
  • Market Settlement
  • Compliance and League Tables
  • Occupier Data
  • Unaccounted-For Water

What can Occutrace do for YOU?

  • We will find and read your Long Unread Meters when no-one else canAdditionally, we will provide the current status of each long unread meter our field investigators have visited. This information puts you in control, allowing you to take corrective action with the wholesaler to resolve the issue..
  • We will solve your vacants problem by identifying or validating current business property occupier. You will receive definitive answers as to where properties were occupied, vacant or demolished, supported by irrefutable proof. Our work goes beyond AI or virtual data solutions to enable you receive such information.
  • We help water wholesalers in tackling the challenges of DMA management and unaccounted-for water whilst meeting their leakage targets. We can trace illegal connections, water consumption, identify gap sites or voids.
  • We excel in finding root causes for the most common and costly industry pain points such as LUMs or broken meters. Our team is delivering insights and actionable proof for the industry participants to take action.
Contact Information
33 Dalintober Street, Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom G5 8JZ